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Raghadan Paints was established in 1974 , and has been successfully operating in the paints business for 45 years serving our customers in Jordan, Egypt, Gulf Countries and the Arab world

Raghadan is considered to be one of the largest Arabic Paint companies consisting of 3 paint factories (Jordan , Egypt , Saudi Arabia) plus a showroom in Qatar and a Regional office in London, 15 branches, 20 Agents and more than 500 authorized distributors in the Arab world , Raghadan aim is to serve our customers wherever they are and to meet their desire and requirements of paints in full satisfaction by providing high quality paints at competitive prices with best service  

Raghadan has been proudly providing the Arabian market with the latest creative decorative paints styles and techniques in coordination with the leading international paint companies such as Akzo Noble (Levis) of Europe which is number one worldwide , Kansai Paint company of jaban which is number one in jaban and among the top ten classidied Internationally ,San Marco of Italy which is the most creative decorative paint company for special and marble effect paints in Europe, Harris of England which is number one Paint Tools Producer, Atria of Italy for unique decorative Epoxy floor coating , Nazionale of Italy for genuine Silver & Gold Leaves and Tixe of Italy For Metallic Silver & Gold Coatings


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